Elected Officials Appealing FEMA’s Decision to Eliminate Flood Discounts

Elected officials from both the state and federal governments are appealing to FEMA officials to at least reconsider – if not overturn – their decision in late March to eliminate the 25% discount on federal flood insurance policies on up to 125,000 property owners in Southwest Florida.  FEMA said five governments in Lee County, ground zero for Hurricane Ian’s September 2022 landfall, failed to follow federal rules on permissible rebuilding after the storm.

The decision applies to Cape Coral, Fort Myers Beach, Bonita Springs, Estero and unincorporated Lee County.  

Since the hurricane, county officials said 5,087 demolition permits were issued in just the special flood hazard areas. The county also issued 2,151 violations for work with no permits.   The county and municipalities affected have asked for an extension of the 30-day hold and that is still being discussed. 

The county is now having weekly meetings with Sen. Rick Scott to address the issue. They have also met with FEMA administration and staff.

Lee county is confident that the county will be able to provide FEMA the documentation based on the conversations they have had to ensure the county has been compliant and keep their rating.

Source: Heidrick & Co. Insurance

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