FEMA Reports Value of Newer Roofs Post-Hurricane Ian

new roof

FEMA has released a fourth Mitigation Assessment Team (MAT) report on Hurricane Ian, assessing storm and flood damage to Florida homes from the September 2022 Cat 5 hurricane.  

Unsurprisingly, the report shows the value of new roofing, which damage assessments showed fared better than older roofs; specifically those with roofs built or replaced under the 2015 update to the Florida Building Code which focused on waterproofing homes and ensuring roofs stay attached to their structures. 

Many of the older homes in the impacted Southwest Florida area which were not up to code showed extensive damage from the storm, while newly built roofs sustained little to no damage.

Many of the specific code updates,  such as requiring sealed roof decks and stronger attachments to keep the roof on the structure, stop excessive storm damage like water from seeping into your home when the shingles are ripped off. 

This compounding damage from the storm did not affect the neighbors of these older homes who had updated their roofs in compliance with the new code 

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